Animal Bill of Rights

“All animals deserve a clean kennel with fresh water at all times. All pets deserve fresh air and exercise in a safe and healthy environment. All pets deserve to be treated with love and affection.”

When you need to trust someone to take care of your pets when you are away, we hope you will trust our team at IHAC. Our focus is to provide a stress-free experience for everyone involved! Here your pet’s health and comfort are our top priorities. Animals are always anxious to some degree when they are away from home and their normal routine is altered. Our boarding areas utilize Adaptil and Feliway diffusers to help with this! Our goal is to minimize that stress with attention, kindness, exercise, and the occasional treat. All our guests will be cared for by compassionate and trained staff. Our veterinarians are also on hand and on call for any medical needs. We appreciate the trust our clients place on us to care for their special companions. It’s a large responsibility and one we take very seriously.

Boarding Form and Boarding Agreement

Fill Out Online Boarding Form and Boarding Agreement

Boarding Vaccine Protocol

Indian Hills Animal Clinic requires that all pets staying at our camp are fully protected from potential infectious disease by being current on all vaccinations prior to boarding. To ensure a safe & healthy environment for all of our guests, owners will need to provide the following proof of vaccines.

– Rabies
– Distemper
– Bordetella
– Current negative fecal exam

– Rabies
– Distemper
– Current negative fecal exam

To give full protection, it is highly recommended these vaccines need to be given 2 weeks prior to boarding at our camp.


We have multiple sized kennels for our canine guests to stay in, primarily large runs for your pets comfort. Dogs staying in our runs enjoy sleeping on elevated Kuranda beds. They are taken outside three times daily to a fenced in area for plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Our feline guests enjoy condominiums that are roomy and comfortable with cozy resting benches. Each condo can be configured to either two stories tall or two rooms connected via a porhole for expanded room. Each guest can be let out individually to play, explore the cat ward, or just relax on our cat shelves.

Exotic pets

Our 13th street clinic offers boarding to exotic pets such as birds, rabbits and ferrets. We ask that owners provide their pet’s home and food since every exotic has different needs. Please contact us for details on boarding your exotic pet at 942-3900.

Special Features:

  • Our veterinarians are always on call for your pet’s medical needs while they stay in our facility.
  • Our knowledgeable staff is trained to recognize early warning signs of any health problems. We record eating and elimination habits of your pet throughout the day to ensure their health and comfort.

Effective (11/1/2022)

Pet Food Policy

IHAC will no longer be providing food for our boarding guests. We kindly ask that all clients bring their pets own food when staying in our facility. This helps to reduce potential GI upset, due to a sudden diet change combined with the stress of boarding.

We ask that you send your pet’s food pre-bagged for each meal. For example, a baggie for AM feeding and a baggie for PM feeding. This not only allows for easy management and tracking on our end, but also ensures that your pet has enough food for the entire stay. If you are unable to pre-bag food due to the length of stay or the amount of food your pet requires, food can be brought in a large zip lock bag, a Tupperware type container, or any other sort of plastic container with a lid. Please do not bring food in something that cannot be completely secured/closed.

If your pet should run out of their food while boarding, or you do not bring it with you, there will be a daily feeding charge of $5 per day per pet for dry food. If canned food is given (either to help stimulate them to eat or to help with GI upset), the charge will be for each can of food opened.

Boarding Reservation Times:

Indian Hills Animal Clinic finds our boarding facility comparable to a hotel. We reserve your pet’s kennel or run based on check-in and check-out times. Check-in time is 1:00pm and check-out time is 12:00pm. If your pet is picked up after that time, you will be charged for an additional day. This hotel reservation allows us to ensure your pet’s room is available the entire time they are our guests.


For more information on costs for your dog or cat to stay in our facility, please contact either clinic location.

Additional Services Offered

Indian Hills Animal Clinic offers additional services to keep your pet happy & comfortable while you are away. Your pets can have additional walks, one-on-one playtimes with our animal care assistants, or even group daycare at our Maize road location. If your pet requires medications while boarding, our nursing team will ensure they receive the proper medications and attention to their health care needs.
Your pets can also have their veterinary needs updated during their stays. Everything from wellness exams, yearly labwork and vaccines, to dental cleanings and nail trims.